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Early in the design phase, PSM International offers a full range of potential fastening solutions to customer requirements. We continue to provide our dedicated support throughout the entire product life cycle, from design conception and prototyping, through to product launch and general production; it is our primary objective to produce time-to-market products with the highest quality and the most cost-effective solution.
Technical Capability
Products--PSM International has always been a pioneer in new fastener designs, including our Anchor® Rivet Bush series, Sonic-Lok®, and most recently our unique TRI-STEP® insert. We also continue to design custom fasteners for a multitude of applications and customer requirements.
Technical Centers--PSM International Technical Centers work together with our marketing and manufacturing departments to offer new product designs, as well as, improvements to existing solutions. Our expertise and technology allows us to meet all specific performance criteria in the quickest possible time.
Engineering Experience--PSM International’s sales and engineering support team have decades of experience in fastener design and specification, and therefore present the highest level of assistance when meeting fastener requirements or solving fastener challenges.
R&D Capability
PSM International offers extensive engineering services through our many Technical Centers, providing customers with a one-stop fastening solution. Our highly skilled application engineers can solve virtually any fastener problem and more importantly provide a cost effective and timely solution.
Project Management
Communication--PSM International bridges the gap between R&D and manufacturing. We are dedicated to first understand and then solve any fastening challenge presented.
Quality--PSM International strategy is to maintain and further improve our already well established quality and environmental systems on the principles contained in the following customer requirements: BS EN ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004.
Delivery--Our manufacturing and logistics teams work closely with the provided customer project schedules to ensure timely supply of requested quantities in both regular and emergency conditions.
Manufacturing Capability
Every manufacturing site is accompanied with a range of production, cleaning, inspection, and laboratory facilities. Flexible shifts and machine allocation ensure all volume, quality and time expectations are achieved.
Industry Application
Since our inception in 1931, PSM has worked with market leaders across the manufacturing spectrum, that include computers, data-com, electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, white goods, power generation, and general manufacturing. PSM works seamlessly with its customers to shorten product development cycle, reduce total cost and improve their product performance.