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PSM China Factory Receives Certificate of Honor - Mar 2020

By taking care of our customers, as well as our employees, PSM is also able to contribute to our local communities. In 2019, due to the concerted efforts of the management team and all employees, the unit area tax revenue of PSM’s Wuxi factory ranked in the top 5 among more than 800 industrial enterprises in the Wuxi Xishan Economic & Technological Development Zone. As a result, our Wuxi factory has been awarded this Certificate of Honor.  Congratulations to our Wuxi factory on your accomplishment. 



For further information, please contact:

Mr.Marco Suzuki, President and CEO of PSM


PSM International is a global leading professional fastener maker and fastening solutions provider. It was founded in the UK in 1931, from the initial regional turning parts manufacturers to develop into a multinational enterprise specializing in research and development, design, manufacturing, industry application, technical support, assembly testing, and quality control to channel distribution nowadays. Today PSM International has branch offices in 23 countries and regions all over the world. PSM International already has industry applications in: automobile, 3C, Household & Commercial electrical appliances, medical equipment, etc. (