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Inserts For Plastic

The application of plastics in engineering design continues to grow, that is why we offer the widest selection of inserts for plastics as well as every installation technique. Our applications engineers provide the most suitable fastener for your specific requirements such as: improved pull-out, direct torque, jack out, free running thread, locking thread, symmetrical or headed fasteners. In addition, PSM International offers pre-production test facilities and accurate performance data for particular installation conditions.

Sheet Metal Fasteners

PSM International’s Sheet Metal Fasteners provide deep tapped female threads or studs to be used in conjunction with thin sheet metallic materials. The fastener is permanently attached to the parent material allowing the associated bolt (or nut) to be removed without risk of the fastener becoming dislodged. This feature has allowed industry to streamline production methods and fabricate complex shapes including closed box sections. Our sheet metal fasteners include Self-Clinching Fasteners, our Anchor® Rivet Bush series, unique FLANGEFORM® fasteners, and our high strength GRIPFORM® fasteners.

Compression Limiters

Compression Limiters are plain hole metal inserts designed for use in plastic mould components. It provides bolt clearance, while the wall of the compression limiter withstands the compressive force induced during the assembly of the mating screw or bolt. Commonly, compression limiters are installed using a simple cold press assembly method.

Direct Screw Fixings

Direct Screw Fixings are a fast, economical, production line solution for fixing plastic and light alloy components where the requirement for re-use and high assembly torque are not major factors. Our unique patented thread forms have been engineered to maximize the advantages of direct screw fixings. Our fixing range from forming screws for thermoplastics and light alloy materials, to cutting types for use in to thermosetting materials.


FLANGEFORM® is a high strength captive fastener system ideal for thin gauge sheet metals. With a proven history of product enhancement combined with cost reduction, FLANGEFORM is widely accepted and used within the automotive, appliance, electronic and general sheet metal industry. FLANGEFORM are available in both nuts and studs from sizes M4 to M12 and in equivalent unified ranges.

Miniature Fasteners

Our Miniature Brass Inserts and Miniature Sheet Metal Fasteners are designed for mobile handset applications. A wide range of types and designs are available to suit a variety of host materials and insertion methods. Every part is engineered to meet critical performance requirements while optimizing production efficiency and output.

Custom Fasteners

PSM International produces special fasteners to fulfill any specific requirements such as: improved pull-out, direct torque, jack out, free running thread, locking thread, symmetrical or headed fasteners. We design, produce and distribute products of only the highest quality and performance.