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  • Air Intake Assembly

    The Headed Compression Limiters are installed into the mounting flange of a plastic air intake duct, that leads to the air filter. The air intake duct is located within the engine compartment, therefore, exposed to extreme temperatures from engine and environment. Compression Limiters eliminate the possibility of damage to the plastic flange during assembly and prevent joint loosening.


  • Thermostat Housing Attachment

    This is a two piece design based around the original customer drawing for the basic parameters and features PSM´s own design/method of bolt retention. PSM developed a special assembly process to reduce the load necessary to retain the bolt and prevent distortion of the compression limiter during manufacture. The parent plastic material for the thermostat housing is PPA, and to minimise hoop stresses created in this material when the limiter is installed. This particular CLA is plated zinc trivalent with a yellow finish to enable easy identification to a similar size CLA in order to prevent incorrect installations.


  • Engine Cover

    The M6 male threaded Ball Stud is a key part of an engine cover assembly. The threaded stud section is installed into the cam cover. The plastic top engine cover, fitted with special rubber grommets, is simply pushed onto the Ball Studs. The photograph to the left shows the underside of top cover with Ball Studs pushed into their mating grommets, each part provides a pull-out resistance of 50N. This method of attachment cuts assembly time and also reduces engine noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).
    Threaded Ball Studs, and Flangeform® versions, can also be used as a pivot mounting for gas struts in automotive applications including tailgates, hoods and doors.


  • Bonnet Hinge Assembly

    The design of the M6 nut is bound by several design constraints. The original proposal was a standard clinch nut, which determined the body diameter due to the adjacent spring clip. The nut had to fit flush on the underside and also give high torque resistance in a poor hole condition. A second application, on the same assembly, in thinner material allowed for a small rollover.

    GRIPFORM® Special Design

  • Oil Filter Unit

    This M6 headed steel insert is PSM In-house steel cold formed and rolled IFP, used on Oil Filter Unit and replaces a high cost brass machined part. 100% plastic design with high torque loads due to high pressure requirements to avoid leakage from the engine.


  • Bonnet Hinge Assembly

    FLANGEFORM® studs provides a strong consistent and reliable attachment. Accurate & positive positioning. No weld splatter/fumes. High bending moment resistance.



    PSM’s patented TRI-STEP® provides improved location, reduced insertion travel, and an “installed cost” savings of over 30%. Replacing brass with aluminum allows us to assist the automaker with their light-weighting initiatives.



    The manifold required both round compression limiters for positioning the manifold and oval compression limiters to accommodate hole centre tolerances. PSM worked closely with the customer to engineer products that met the location and performance requirement of the application, whilst meeting target costs.