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The fastening requirements of the Renewable Energy industry "extreme duty" due to the performance, expectations and field assembly methods. PSM has developed GRIP-FLOAT™ and FLANGEFORM® fasteners that are currently used in this industry. The need to reduce cost, has prompted the development of solutions to cut " on-site assembly time " and products that will withstand long term exposure to extreme outdoor conditions. PSM now serves a wide range of customers in the power generation industry, including utility scale solar structures and wind turbine applications.


    PSM’s newest fastener for solar applications, Grip-Float ™, allows movement within a slot after installation in the host part. Grip-Float ™ is ideal for use where slots facilitate installation on uneven terrain, or compensate for tolerance stack up.
    Replacing conventional nuts in slotted connections with pre-installed Grip-Float ™ reduces cost by cutting assembly time in the field and the amount of loose hardware on the job site. The key is a high strength nut with spigot that’s rolled over a controlled amount during installation. The installation process is straightforward using PSM Mini Dies in a secondary operation, or in-line with our automated feed systems.



    PSM´s FLANGEFORM® is a unique high-strength captive fastener system ideal for thin gauge sheet metals, with greater mechanical performance than rivnuts & studs. Installation is quick, using low-cost manual or automated tooling. Ideally suited to multiple with a single press stroke. Either stainless or carbon steel with zinc rich coating are ideal choices for outdoor use.
    Click on the link below to learn how all of these factors came together for our customers on a 200MW project. FLANGEFORM played a key role in reducing cost and completing that project several weeks ahead of schedule.