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TRI-STEP® is a unique three stepped threaded insert and mating hole combination designed for heat or ultrasonic installation into thermoplastic materials. The design incorporates two diameters of opposing helical knurls and a series of annular vanes.
Available in three designs: high strength oversize, thin walled and miniature; all ranges provide high performance, excellent location, reduced insertion time and low in-place cost.
Advantages :
• High pull-out and direct torque performance.
• Reduced insertion time
• Excellent location
• No insert spring back after installation
• Increased surface contact area with mating component giving greater resistance to a torque induced “jack-out”.
• Available in 3 ranges: High Strength Oversize, Thin Walled and Miniature.
• Available in Brass, Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel.
• All ranges provide low in-place cost
• Aluminium versions give a 66% weight reduction and insertion process cost savings.

Product Range :

High Strength Thin Walled Mini Aluminium
The High Strength version was primarily developed for the automotive industry. The Thin Walled versions for applications where very high strength and an oversize design is not required. The Mini Aluminium version is developed specifically for use in Notebook applications because of the lightweight performance and overall optimization of production efficiency and output.



TRI-STEP Animation