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Compression Limiters are plain hole metal inserts designed for use in plastic moulded components. The plain hole provides bolt clearance and the wall of the compression limiter withstands the compressive force induced during the assembly of the mating screw or bolt. In most instances compression limiters are installed using a simple cold press assembly method.

Compression Limiters are available in a wide range of designs to suit customers application and assembly requirements. They are produced using a number of manufacturing methods and can be made from a range of materials.
Advantages :
• Prevents damage to host component
• Helps to prevent creep and retention of compressive force within joint
• A variety of designs available to suit application requirement
• Designs available to suit all installation methods
• Clearance holes can also be used as a datum feature
• Oval hole designs available
• A close length tolerance range available
• Special designs available to suit application
• Headed patterns also available
• A knurled range available for increased retention
• Can be supplied as a compression limiter plus bolt assembly