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Feed Systems for in-die sheet metal fasteners offer considerable cost savings. A variety of options and system designs are available utilizing existing press equipment, from manual loading through to fully automated handling and installation. The feed systems can be used in a progression or transfer press, robotic cell or off-line presses, feeding both nuts and studs in multiple orientations.
Advantages :
• Used in transfer, progression, off-line presses and within robotic cells; increasing output and cost saving.
• Feeding orientation can be “top down”, "bottom up" or cammed in from the side
• Improved efficiency
• PSM designs and manufactures the system to ensure the fastener is controlled thoughout the entire process
• Increased productivity with feed rates up to 60 strokes per minute
• Foreign objects are prevented from entering the feed head.
• Quick release mechanisms for timely disconnect.
• Constant monitoring and control of the fasteners
• Built in full proofing to minimize rejections.
• Installation accuracy and easier assembly of mating parts.
• Commissioning & servicing packages available.