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The SRS stud is a high strength captive stud for sheet metal and thicker plate materials. The head provides high pull-though resistance and the under-head splines high direct torque resistance. The stud is captive by riveting the plain shank onto the back face of the material, providing high push-out resistance. The method of installation allows it to be used into material too hard for self-clinching and the riveting process also allows it to be used to join two material thicknesses together.
Advantages :
• High strength - available in grade 8.8 and 10.9
• High performance – pull-through and direct torque
• Can be used where space is limited
• Suitable for use into hard/high strength materials
• Suitable for use in aluminium as well as steel
• Can used into pre-coated materials
• Possible rivet function to join two material thicknesses