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FLANGEFORM® is a high strength captive fastener system ideal for thin gauge sheet metals. With a proven history of product enhancement combined with cost reduction, FLANGEFORM is widely accepted and used within the automotive, appliance, electronic and general sheet metal industry. FLANGEFORM are available in both nuts and studs from sizes M4 to M12 and in equivalent unified ranges.


FLANGEFORM® Nuts are threaded fasteners with unique ribs designed for installation into thin gauge m...


FLANGEFORM® Studs are threaded fasteners with unique ribs designed for installation into thin gauge ...


FLANGEFORM® Closed End Nuts are threaded fasteners with unique ribs designed for installation into t...


FLANGEFORM® Ball Studs are one piece attachments with unique ribs designed for installation into thi...


Feed Systems for in-die sheet metal fasteners offer considerable cost savings. A variety of options ...

The PSM International Flangeform feed system design is the result of over 25 years of experience with in-die fastener automation in the automotive, appliance, and most recently the solar industries. With proper operation and maintenance the Flangeform feed system provides PSM International customers with a level of productivity and reliability which is among the greatest the industry has to offer.

The Flangeform product works best in mild steels such as SAE AISI 1008/1010 or similar as found throughout the world. Flangeform also works well in formable high strength steels such as found in the XF series of HSLA up to 520 MPa yield strength. A variety of other materials are possible as well.

When utilizing the PSM International Flangeform feed system in a progressive or transfer die it is recommended that the Flangeform location in the stamping be “pre-formed” whenever possible. By design the Flangeform fastener can perform this function however in high volume / high speed applications preforming the correct profile to accept the Flangeform fastener prior to the insertion station in the die will result in improved tool life.

As with the Flangeform product itself, PSM International Flangeform feed systems are designed manufactured and tested by PSM International. This single source concept results in streamlined project management assuring on time delivery and successful startups. Please consult your nearest PSM International location for additional information regarding the selection and implementation of a Flangeform feed system tailored to your requirements.